3D wheel alignment system with 6 HD cameras technology to check the alignment of vehicles with wheelbase up to 4.80 m, fast to use and with the utmost precision. Installation possible on the ceiling or on the ground, developed to ensure maximum mobility of the operator in the working area on the whole perimeter of the vehicle and the lift. The cameras use a technology with auto-focus, automatic acquisition of targets and self-adjusting lighting to compensate the brightness of the environment. The simple and user-friendly software, with 3D graphics of great impact, ensures that a complete measurement can be obtained with few clicks, and allows comparison of measurements with the data present in the integrated Autodata ® database.

Thanks to the patented measuring system and hang-on-tyre targets run-out can be shipped to save working time!




Vamag 3D Wheel Alignment Machine

3d wheel alignment machine


  • “New Dimension” 3D Wheel Alignment Machine

  • Fast Results in only 3 minutes

  • Suspended Side Cameras & Steering Robot

  • Really Improve your Revenue Stream

We are the UK distributor for Vamag srl, in Italy, who design and manufacture their superb range of products in Italy. They have recently celebrated their 35th anniversary, supply to over 50 countries worldwide and are known for their product innovation and quality.

  • Unique suspended HD cameras from both sides of the vehicle, providing clear floor space

  • Fast full results in under 3 minutes!

  • Can also provide floor and wall mounted versions

  • Can be retro-fitted to existing 4 post lifts

  • Easy to access full vehicle data base using Autodata

  • Very fast and accurate results in under 3 minutes!

  • No need for “roll back”

  • No need for “run-out compensation” when using hang-on tyre targets

  • Steering robot for automatic caster swing

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